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The Haviland - de Havilland Y-DNA Study ( is for any male bearing the surname of Haviland, de Havilland, Havilant, Heavilon, Havlin, Haveland, Haverland, or any of its other variant spellings. (This study is only open to males because it traces the Y Chromosome through your father, your father's father, etc, which is culturally also how your surname is passed down.) For more on this surname, see The Haviland Name Study research page..

If you are a female researcher, you can participate indirectly if you have a brother, father, grandfather, paternal uncle, or male cousin with the Haviland (or variant) surname who is willing to submit a DNA sample. Males and Females are also allowed to sign up with the Haviland project and order mtDNA testing, however those results will only reflect ancestry through your mother, your mother's mother, and so forth, following the Mitochondrial Chromosome, and therefore will not be analyzed in the Y-DNA Haviland Surname study.

We have identified three major unrelated family trees:

  • A Germanic "Haverland-Haviland" ancestry
  • An Irish "Havlin-Haviland" ancestry
  • A Guernsey "de Havilland-Haviland-Heavilon" ancestry

The more participants we can get, the more markers they order, and the more genealogy is known, the more we can identify and distinguish branches of these families, helping us prove relationships and identify lost genealogical connections.

Below should be listed only those who are participants in the study, and groups or centers of interest that are related to it.

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