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Time to chip away at another of my 3* great grandparents' family, or as it seems at present, lack thereof.

Having cracked (thanks to DNA) the brickwall of their son-in-law William Austin's fate, if not yet his parents let's see if a bit more determined work can get some leads as to their origins.

William Clinton is only known from his marriage to Jemima Parker and the baptisms of their children.

Jemima Parker's origins have been reviewed (see Sarah, not Charlotte, DNA strikes again) and revised, shifting the focus on her ancestry to a mystery father and further exploration of Sarah Parker's family.

So I'm looking for 3 out of 4 of their parents, plus futher corriboration of the now believed known Sarah, mother of Jemima.


With the Pegram matches having a Parker ancestor my working assumption is that might be the link to Jemima.

But why all the matches to Pledger? Is this a hint as to Jemima's father?

Someone, somewhere must be connected to their siblings and parents.

What you can do to help

If you have DNA tested and any of the below look to be your ancestors, it would be great to explore what we might learn from any shared DNA.

For that to be effective please transfer your DNA file to as many of the sites accepting transfers as possible: GEDmatch, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, Geneanet. All of these sites offer tools Ancestry does not and enable further analysis of the connections. See transfer instructions for info on how to do this. Ask me if you need help for transfers.

We never know which match holds the key to the mystery, nor where they have tested.


For confirmation of my assumption that Sarah Parker, mother of Jemima is the one who later married James Tyrell, any tester with a match to myself ( Lorna), any of my 1st cousins, or two maternal aunts who also shares a mitochondrial haplogroup T2b4a on FTDNA or LivingDNA, or T2b on 23andme MAY share this line of my ancestry. Please get in touch! I do admit however that descendants of Sarah sharing her mitochondrial DNA are in very short supply, but you never know if there's a descendant of an earlier generation around, ie a descendant of Sarah's mother Jane Marshall.

In addition X chromosome matches may well hold some clues, unless your connection back to Sarah has two males in a row back up the chain. For the list of candidates already on WikiTree, check out this report of Sarah's X chromosome descendants

John Start and Ann Langley have been added to the list of connections shown below because of DNA matches with descendants from two of their children (Eliza and John), and in turn to two children of Eliza's, her vsons George and Charles B(e)ard.

Person Profiles (10)

abt May 1806 Waltham Abbey, Essex, England - 05 Jun 1883
abt 1776 England - aft 1830
abt 1790 Saffron Walden, Essex, England - Mar 1851
abt Apr 1788 Saffron Walden, Essex, England - 15 Apr 1861 photo
abt 1765 England
abt Aug 1767 Ashdon, Essex, England - May 1852
abt Mar 1799 Westmill, Hertfordshire, England
abt Feb 1789 Westmill, Hertfordshire, England - aft 1861
abt Mar 1786 Long Melford, Suffolk, England - 07 Dec 1867
abt 1788 Saffron Walden, Essex, England - Oct 1866

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