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This personal category page exists to explore options for the father of Richard JOHNSON

DNA coincidences are mounting in the accumulating matches to the family of Edward EDE. It would be good to see where this leads.

If you are a descendant, and have added DNA testing to your arsenal of genealogy tools, please do consider uploading your atDNA file to and MyHeritage. Both free uploads from the other testing companies. For GEDMatch: full instructions under the dna data upload link. For MyHeritage: which does seem to need you to be logged in to read!

Either we've found a prospective father for Richard JOHNSON, or there's an as yet undocumented EDE / JOHNSON connection further back Harriet's ancestry.


To date (May 2018) we have atDNA matches to descendants of at least the following children of Edward and Mary EDE:

Benjamin (to at least seven tested descendants of Benjamin and Amy's children)
Edward one descendant so far

Other notes

Along with the circumstantial evidence of a family connection between the EDE and JOHNSON families in that a witness to the 1830 marriage of Jesse ARGENT and Harriet JOHNSON was a Sarah EDE shown on the original marriage entry as Sarah (JOHNSON crossed out) and EDE written in (and as Sarah EDE on the Bishop's Transcript). Sarah JOHNSON married Richard EDE, brother of Edward, in 1827.

Proximity also seems too much of a coincidence both in Surrey and New Zealand.

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