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This personal category exists to keep track of research into William Austin and families that look like they MAY connect to him.

As his profile states, we want to know:

Who were William's parents?
What happened to him after his arrival in Melbourne? (solved)
Wife Emma remarries at the Emerald Hill Manse Dec 1855 showing herself as single, with no children living or dead from any former marriage (so much for my great grandmother who was nearly 2 by then! Thankfully she pops up as an older sibling on the birth cert. of her first step brother.)

William's fate has been determined:

Check out this blogpost
Jun 2019 a new match on MyHeritage, a descendant of another line down from William Edward Austen and Alice Maud Carter, triangulated nicely with his 2C1R who started off this theory / exploration, and my aunts/cousins.
Aug 2019 Ancestry DNA results from the initial match's father have been received and support the current theory. Clustering the shared matches to identify which grandparent each cluster came from shows the Carter ancestry shared matches as a separate cluster from the Austen shared matches.
Segment data later became available and corroborates the theory.

Which leaves the identification of his parents.

Families that look likely to be connected (usually via DNA hints) will appear below as this Category is added to their profile(s)


Check William's page, for a number of DNA tested descendants who are here on WikiTree.

More are always welcome!

I can be contacted via my WikiTree page and would welcome hearing from any descendants of William who may care to help see if DNA would turn up any clues as to his origins.

The two Pitter siblings have been added (Apr 2020) to this page because of dots being joined from a fully triangulated match (21cMs) between PR, G Andrews and a descendant of Elizabeth (Pitter) Atkinson. A descendant of William Thomas Rhodes Pitter is in a shared match cluster on Ancestry with Paul and the above descendant of Elizabeth, as is another Pitter match whose connection has yet to be determined.

The Robert Featherstone / Mary Austin family has been added (Feb 2022) because of shared, and triangulated where possible, matches between descendants of this couple and several of William's descendants. Yes, there's still quite a gap to figure out how William connects but at least they're in Kent and have several Austin connections throughout the extended Featherstone family. (This is chr. 12) Coupled with this are a some descendants of Richard Tunbridge and Harriet Shorter where the jury is still out as to whether the DNA comes from Richard or Harriet but thiis Chr 12 segment is indeed shared with them.

The Colbran family has been added (Feb 2022) because of shared / triangulated where possible, matches to lines from several descendants from Robert's sons John and James. The chr. 7 segment involved also includes the descendants of Elizabeth Wright family from both of her husbands. Any takers on where Elizabeth's ancestry might connect with that of the Colbran family?

Person Profiles (12)

08 Nov 1869 Mile End, London, England - aft 1939
27 Sep 1812 Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England
1747 Kent, England - 13 Feb 1823
abt 1829 Lambeth, Surrey, England - 27 Oct 1905
28 Jun 1787 Warbleton, Sussex, England - 08 Jan 1862
28 Jan 1750 Smarden, Kent, England - 08 Dec 1835
abt Jul 1833 Wye, Kent, England - abt Sep 1921
02 Apr 1829 St. Elizabeth, Jamaica - 17 Aug 1898
09 Aug 1823 Paris, Seine, France - 10 May 1872
26 Feb 1796 Ivychurch, Kent, England
1795 New Romney, Kent
abt 1821 Cowley, Gloucestershire, England

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