Category: Henderson-2297 C01M203

Categories: Henderson-2297

This C01M203 personal category exists to group those families determined as linking some of the DNA matches to myself and my maternal aunts G Andrews where we do not as yet know how we connect.

The connection is admittedly distant (largest is 30cMs to date) but is at a spot I've not yet assigned to an ancestor in my chromosome maps, so I'm curious to see if progress can be made.

The segment concerned is on chromosome 1 from around 203-216 mbp. It is however shaping up to be a bit of a personal pile-up segment with an increasing number of matches with early American ancestry, where I need it to cross the pond to England, so an answer may never be found,

The Crothers siblings shown have four tested descendants identified as at mid Dec 2019, two from Charles (one from daughter Mildred, the other from daughter Eva Mae) one from Daniel and one from James Robert.

The match details are:

On 23andme, two predicted 2nd cousins, actually 2C1R, shares 2.12% DNA, one of whom also shares a 1.1% with a 2C2R on MyHeritage.
On FTDNA a 1st cousin of the descendant of Charles has also been identified as sharing the same segment.

The Johnston siblings shown have three tested descendants identified so far, one from George Jason, two from his sister Rosella

Person Profiles (5)

07 Sep 1881 Adams Co., Ohio, USA - 05 Aug 1949
15 Jan 1893 Beaver Pond, Adams, Ohio, United States - 17 Jul 1972
17 Nov 1879 Adams, Ohio, United States - Nov 1973
06 Dec 1865 Saline, Kansas, United States - 01 Oct 1948
17 Sep 1877 McPherson, Kansas, United States - 21 Nov 1947

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