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This page groups together the families connected somehow via shared DNA in the hope that one day WikiTree will show the connections between them!

The segment concerned is on chromosome 5 from around 134 to 178 mb and is shared by myself and a maternal aunt, so definitely back up my mother's ancestry somewhere.

The cluster of shared matches on Ancestry include several who descend from William Watson Burgess and Eleanor Wills daughter of Margaret Kirkup. Which matches led to the (now assumed correct) identification of Eleanor's ancestor Eleanor Turnbull as the Helen Turnbull baptized to Walter Turnbull and Elizabeth Dickson, and marrying Robert Kirkup. Particularly as another match has been found down another line of the Kirkups.

So the DNA tentatively comes from this line of my ancestry.

But can we prove it, and what else might we learn in the process?

We do not have any segment data from the descendants of Burgess/Wills, but two others in the cluster of shared matches have segment data available on one or other of FTDNA / MyHeritage / GEDmatch and 23andme.

Some patterns are forming to narrow the connections.

The matching families

One group of people descend from a William Henry Burn and Mary Hannah Orwin (married 1874 Hendon, Durham), so the connection is somewhere back up one or t'other's ancestry.

Two descend from Turnbulls (James and George, both linked below) born England and emigrated to the States ending up in Illinois and Wisconsin respectively via stays in New York. They are of an age to be father/son but that is pure speculation as any evidence for that has yet to be found, let alone where in England they came from!

Segment data

Only Ancestry does not provide the segment data that adds weight to conclusions being drawn from matches.

Transfers are free into FTDNA, MyHeritage and GEDmatch for fishing in more ponds for your elusive cousins.

All have additional tools available for working with DNA available for a small fee. has a handy guide on how to download the data from your testing company and to upload it to the other sites.

Person Profiles (2)

06 Nov 1789 Dykehead, Par. of Kirkandrews on Esk, Cumberland, England - bef 1851
abt 1813 England - 21 Jan 1889

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