Category: Henderson-2297 JC DNA

Categories: Henderson-2297


This category exists to provide links to families with as yet unresolved DNA connections to Jodie where we have yet to figure out how in particular, the Draper and Potter families met the Lentz/Maschke interconnected families. Somewhere amongst the birds nest of interconnections they met up!

If you know where and when the following families connect, please add the connection to WikiTree and contact me, Lorna (just helping, no relation)


The Neal/Neil and Mumby family has been added because two Ancestry matches who both share about 55cMs each and appear on the shared matches list for each other , plus another sharing 29cMs, all share Thomas Neal / Saray Mumby as a common ancestral couple.

Person Profiles (10)

24 Apr 1807 Richmond, Lennox, Ontario, Canada - 28 May 1886 photo
1806 New Brunswick - 14 Nov 1890
20 Sep 1814 Sophiasburgh, Prince Edward, Ontario, Canada - 11 Oct 1901
1818 Dulzig, Kreis Schwetz, West Prussia
1870 Germanicus, North Algona Wilberforce, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada - 1946
abt 1800 England - 28 Apr 1883
abt 1797 Norfolk, England - 01 Jul 1858
abt 1799 Ontario, Canada - bef 1891
abt 1805 United States - 1877
1812 Quebec, Canada

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