Category: Henderson-2297 Potential Hall DNA connections

Categories: Henderson-2297

DNA matches, and a lot of digging, are leading me to believe that the connections between several matches might just happen to be a Hall connection from the Scottish Borders.

The particular families of interest are linked to this personal category, ie:

- the earliest known ancestors of the families of interest
- the linking profiles believed to be the person the DNA has been inherited from of the couple where the DNA has been proven to connect
- the linking profiles of the connecting person where I believe, but have not yet proven, the DNA to have been inherited from

so for some of the below links it is the ancestry that is of interest:

Jane (Hall) Macfarlane
Margaret (Hall) Arkle

particularly for any likely connections to

William Hall
Isabella Wight
Jane (Wight) Sinton

Most of the relevant profiles may/should have a DNA heading with futher info.

Person Profiles (5)

abt 1757 - 20 Aug 1831
14 Jan 1839 Appin, Lismore, Argyll, Scotland - 1915
05 May 1819 Sing Moor, Alwinton, Northumberland, England - 19 Apr 1882
abt 1735 Hounam, Roxburghshire, Scotland - 17 Mar 1817
abt 1783 Bowden, Roxburghshire, Scotland - 07 Sep 1858

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