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The problem

We have a yDNA disconnect between two branches of the family of Archibald Henderson (marr. Margaret McEwan, St Ninians, Stirlingshire) those of:

- James Henderson (1813-1892)) and
- his younger brother Archibald Henderson (1815-1869)


We began this yDNA testing journey with y37, then y67 STR tests between two second cousins who share William, son of James. As all looked rosie in the garden, having solid matches to each other, although having no other matches y37 and up in the FTDNA database at all, Henderson or otherwise, it was time to expand the tested pool of Hendersons.

A tester down from James' brother Archibald was found, had a reasonable set of autosomal matches and was willing to upgrade to yDNA.

Unfortunately he was not a yDNA match to the above, but intriguingly, did have y67 and y111 marker matches to a known, well documented Henderson family from Perthshire.

So where is the disconnect?

We have subsequently walked the yDNA back from William son of James, to James himself by throwing a 3rd cousin of our testers into the mix ( descended from the above William's brother David), and now have a confirmed yDNA signature for James b. 1813.

And, as of March 2023, an excellent BigY match between the descendants of James Henderson to a descendant of Peter (Junkine) Jenkins (1818-1881)

Here's my blog post about this.

See the FTDNA Discover tool to see the current predicted timeframes for when the haplogroup tree branches developed

Plan of attack

Where to from here?

To solve this conundrum, and refine where exactly the Jenkins (Junkine etc) descendant who "met" Margaret McEwan around 1812 "fits" it would be great to find more Jenkins / Junkine yDNA tested lines.

In addition it would be good to find other Jenkins lines to test , eg

- those of the nearby Stirlingshire Jenkins branches, as yet unconnected by paper-trail (see William Junkin (abt.1760-) below, a y111 match, not yet on BigY, but looking more distantly connected) and descendants of James Junkin who may belong to the Perthshire line (also see belo)

and still be good to

- find more yDNA test volunteers from the untested lines of James' brothers William and John Henderson and
- to confirm the signature for his brother Archibald's line.

Any takers?

I have a yDNA test with your name on it free for you should you contact me and advise where you "fit".

To see who all is here on WikiTree who, at least in theory:

carries Archibald Henderson Snr's yDNA, click here

Unfortunately it does rather look as if William's line has "daughtered out" and John's line looks increasingly unlikely to have any candidates, which leaves Archibald's.


carries Junkin/Jenkins line yDNA, click here

YOU can help by extending the descendant lines here on WikiTree, and by putting me in touch with anyone with further information on the whereabouts of likely test candidates.

Families of particular yDNA interest

We do know now that there are excellent yDNA matches to the Perthshire line of Peter Jenkins b. 1818, and as of Jul 2023, what looks to be a more distant yDNA match, not yet on BigY, to a Stirlingshire Jenkins line.

Of particular interest for yDNA would be lines having descendants closer to Bridge of Allan / Lecropt than the Port of Menteith and Thornhill main haunts of this family. eg Patrick b. 1712 is on the list as his line is, to date, the only one found with descendants actually recorded around the Bridge of Allan and Lecropt, Stirlingshire. Perhaps one of those, or one of the as yet undocumented ones, "met" Margaret McEwan around 1812.

As above, I have a yDNA kit with your name on it should a suitable direct male line descendant of this family present themselves. Preferably one down from a sibling or even better, a more distant relative, of the Patrick Junkine who married Jane McNee

atDNA matches

In addition to the yDNA focus here, there are also a heap of autosomal matches to descendants of two main families "of interest":

- Patrick/Peter Jenkins (1751-) (married Mary Buchanan)
- Robert Buchanan (abt.1712-) (married Janet Monteith)

along with several others. For these check out the two Brickwall pages for

James Henderson

and his wife

Amelia Millar

Any testers on any of these lines are welcome to join the FFLornaHen private DNA project at FamilyTreeDNA if you either testing yDNA or FamilyFinder there, or uploaded autosomal results from the company you tested at.

Person Profiles (13)

20 Sep 1815 Bridge of Allan, Lecropt, Stirlingshire, Scotland - 11 Jan 1869 photo
23 Sep 1817 Bridge of Allan, Lecropt, Stirlingshire, Scotland - 31 Mar 1901
abt Sep 1805 Par. of Kincardine, Perthshire, Scotland - aft 1846
abt 1770 Stirlingshire, Scotland - bef 1861
1712 Port of Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland
abt 1705 Perthshire, Scotland
abt 1775 Stirlingshire, Scotland
abt 1730 Perthshire, Scotland
15 Nov 1756 Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland - abt 1810 photo
abt Nov 1772 Tarr, Port of Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland
1751 Tarr of Ruskie, Port of Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland
abt 1755 Perthshire, Scotland
1746 Tarr of Ruskie, Port of Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland - 15 Feb 1838

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