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Categories: Stickers

This category is for stickers that can be used to illustrate your heritage, or that of your ancestors. It includes all stickers listed in the WikiTree space page Relationship Stickers, except the examples of state stickers (see Category: United States Project Stickers for links to all 50 state stickers), the Bermuda Sticker (which is only for "significant Bermudans"), and stickers that can only be used on your own profile (see Category: Member-Only Stickers for those stickers, including the Relationship Sticker and the Connection Sticker).

For a description of all heritage stickers, see Space: Relationship Stickers. See Category: Stickers for a comprehensive list of stickers (since all stickers are created using the container template Sticker, they all are included in that category); see also the automated list of stickers.

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