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This is a high level category. Please do not add individual profiles. Add profiles to the narrowest category possible. See How to Categorize.
This category is associated with the Indonesia Project and the Categorization Project. Questions regarding this category may be raised on G2G. Be sure to tag your question with "Indonesia" and "Categorization" to ensure it is seen by those who can best answer!

Subcategories addressing historic Indonesian places should be placed here. Subcategories addressing historic Indonesian events should be placed under Indonesia History

These are the subcategories to which profiles should be attached of persons who were born in, or spent a significant part of their lives in, these entities.

Subcategories should generally take this form -- Name of entity, island, historic Indonesian (type of entity) -- as in Mataram, Java, Historic Indonesian Sultanate

The exception to the above would be European entities in the colonial period prior to the Dutch East Indies. In these cases, the third portion of the category would be comprised of [Name of European Country] and [Type of Entity], as in "British Colony" or "Dutch Trading Post"

Following 1814, the islands were unified under the Dutch East Indies, which is a separate entity under Indonesia.

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