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Categories: Hodges Name Study

This is a Y-DNA surname study category to aggregate Hodges lineages of participating FTDNA Hodges surname project(s) members and their established Y-DNA pedigrees.

All testers in this category must have completed at least a y-DNA test with If there are at least two people that "match" in our project (aka: "related" according to genetic distance values, typically meaning there's a shared common male Jones ancestor within 500 years or so), we'll give them their own "family grouping".

IMPORTANT: profiles with the "Y-DNA Connections" category attached need to be related in an unbroken male to male lineage to someone who has tested in our Y-DNA project and on our Y-DNA STR matrix.

Reference: FTDNA Hodges Y-DNA project and Hodges Y-DNA Results

The hope is that other researchers will DNA test, join our project study, and help make it a more valuable source and aggregated index for people researching their own Hodges lines.

Feel free to contact this category's coordinator, William Foster, add categories to the profiles, add details of your research, etc.

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