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(*) Vis Cambs p.88 makes him Thom. Haselden of Wakefeild

Better version below Burrough Green :-

  • Thomas de Burgh, d 1199, m (1h) Sarra de Neville
    • 1 Thomas, d 1234
    • 2 Philip
      • Sir Thomas, d 1284
        • 1 Philip, d 1285
          • Thomas de Burgh-250, b abt 1278, MP 1312, d 1322
            • 1 John, d 1329, monk
            • 2 Thomas, d 1334
              • John, b abt 1330, d 1393, in ward of John de Verdun
                • A Thomas, d 1412
                • B1 Elizabeth, m Sir John Ingoldsthorpe
                • B2
                • B3 Joan, m William de Harpeden Swaffham Bulbeck Swaffham

VCH North Yorks, Hornby (Hackforth), says

  • Philip
    • Thomas de Burgh-250, d 1322
      • John, legitimacy questioned
    • Elizabeth, declared heir, m Alexander Mountford

IPM: (Thomas d 1334. Heir is John) Brough Hornby (Hackforth)


Foster's Yorks Vis, p. 3

Zouche line, HSP 16,


Vis Cambs p.124 (1st 5 generations are fake)

Vis Cambs (Haselden): p.88

now at

Donham: (conflates 2 Thomases)

Roald the Constable



Countess de Burgh:


Farrer: Lancs Inq

Farrer: EYC3: (chart)

Clay: EYC:



Thomas 1278-1322

John 1300-1330

Thomas 1334

Sir John d 1393

Elizabeth d 1421


Burrough Green:


MedLands on Ailric

Foster on Nevilles of Hornby

Pratt on Ailric:,_Tenants_of_Cawthorne


Dugdale: Monasticon (Progenies Suani filii Alurici) quoted here: [Farrar talks about a correction discovered by Holmes - not clear whether this comes from Monk Bretton or from the original Pontefract chartulary]

Waterton: (cites JW Walker 1931). See also Ahnentafel.

EYF on Eland:

FYV on Eland: p606. (Compilation not Visitation)



This version mostly from Pratt. Not right.

  • 1 Amabel, m2 William de Neville-, m1 (as 2w) Alexander de Crevequer, dvp c1165 [source?]
    • Saire de Neville-, m ?Thomas de Burgh
      • Thomas de Burgh [monks]
        • 1 Thomas de Burgh, dsp
        • John de Burgh need more generations here
          • Elizabeth de Burgh, m Alexander Montfort
          • Thomas de Burgh "who now is" [monks, early 14th century] IPM abt 1314
            • Sir John de Burgh, b abt 1292, livery abt 1330, d aft 1370 [Pratt] (this isn't right?)
              • John de Burgh, d aft 1370 [Pratt], contracted to Elizabeth de Wortley

Another version

    • Roger de Montbegon
      • Adam
        • Roger, d 1227
    • Agnes
          • Henry de Moneweden

  • Aisholf son of Ulf son of Gamel on WT
    •  ?Peter
      • Adam de Birkin [9]
        • sons, extinct
        •  ?Isabel, m Robert de Everingham Rumour
      • Thomas de Leeds
      • Roger [Monasticon, Monk Bretton]
      • more sons
    • John fitz Aisholf, b say 1120-30 offspring prob dspvp
    • Richard, m Maude
      • Richard de Tong
      •  ?Hugh de Baildon
    • Thomas fitz Aisholf [not in Baildon]
      • William fitz Thomas
      • Michael
      • John
    • Eli [Foster]
    • more sons, Baildon says at least 8 altogether
    • Jordan fitz Aisholf de Thornhill-14, fl 1175
      • Richard fitz Jordan de Thornhill-13 - Foster calls him Jordan. Baildon calls him Richard de Wath
        • John de Thornhill-2, fl 1230 - Foster: m Olive de la Mare
          • Saire de Thornhill-1, m Sir Richard de Tankersley-
          • Richard de Thornhill-17 m Maud de Fixby? Foster agrees [but not the heiress]
            • John
              • Brian, b say 1310-20
                • Elizabeth, m Henry Musters traditional but apparently not sound
                • 1 Simon, d 43 Edw 3, m Elizabeth
                • 2 Thomas, m Margaret de Lacy
                  • Richard, m Margaret de Toothill, sr+ch of Thomas, gs of Thomas de Toothill and Modesta, d+ch of Thomas de Fixby (presumably gs of the other one)
                    • ...
              • Agnes, m John Dronsfield, it says here (can't have been John the lawyer)
                • ...

Add Leeds family somewhere, also putative Baildon connection Baildon on Aisholf etc

Everingham connects here (? ___ de Everingham m Isabel de Birkin ?)

Richard de Tong also said to be a son. Tong previously held by Stainolf of Rothwell ?


  •  ?Gerneber
    • Gamel
      • Leising which
      • Ulf
        • Aiskolf
      • Orm
      • Gamelbar

but Baildon reckons Gamel was son of Osmund

Farrer suggests Aiskolf was son of Stainulf of Tong (Domesday tenant? stretched dates?) See Malcolm Bull.

  • Leising
    • Leising
      • Michael
        • Edith, m1 Augustine, m2 by 1203 Gilbert de Notton
          • Cicely, m William de Notton, b abt 1201
            • Gilbert de Barton
              • Agnes de Barton
    • Swain


Add Dronsfields (contradictory)

  • Thomas sr
    • John
    • Edward
      • Walter
    • Robert
  • Thomas sr
    • Thomas jr

clearly not the same John as

  • John de Dronsfield, of Barugh, apprentice, 1379, 1386, b say 1340, m1 Joan, poss Stainton, m2 by 1371
    • B1 John
    • B2 Thomas
    • A1 Sir William de Dronsfield, MP, ?b aft 1363?, b by 1367, d 1406, m by 1403 Grace, poss Gascoigne [10]
      • Richard de Kexbrough (illeg), dsps
    • A1 Agnes de Dronsfield, of Bretton, b say 1360, m John Wentworth above
      • ,,,
    •  ?A2 Isabel de Dronsfield, of New Hall and Gunthwaite, m ?John Bosvile
      • ...

Bretton, Newhall and Gunthwaite are all mentioned in the same ?charter of Adam fitz Swain (in Dugdale)

Should be Mirfields somewhere

Malcolm Bull for Stansfields, Armitages, Elixabeth de Staynton

  • William de Mowbray-151 MCS
    • Sir Roger, d 1263, m1 _____ Furnival, d of Bertha de Ferrers, m2 bef 1257 Maud de Beauchamp, da of William de Beauchamp of Bedford by Ida Longespee
      • B Roger, 1st Baron, b abt 1257, m Rose de Clare
        • John, 2nd Baron, m Aline de Braose, , d+ch of Sir William
      •  ?A Elizabeth, or Isabel, m bef 1263 Adam de Newmarch

conjectural Methley line:

  • Richard de Waterton
    • 1 Robert, esq, pardoned, d 1425, IPM, m1 Joan, m2 Cicely Fleming?
      • Sir Robert, m (2h/3) Margaret Clarell
      • Sir Robert, b abt 1415, m1, m2 Beatrice Clifford
        • A Sir Thomas
    • 2 John, hostage, sheriff of Lincs

  • Orm
    • Adam fitz Orm
      • Peter de Birthwaite
        • Julian de Birthwaite, m John de Rockley
          • William de Allerton mentions Adam de Birthwaite as "another son of Orm". Huh?

  • William de Busli, alias William de Copley

  • Saxi de Horbury
    •  ?Adam

Chevercourt (Caprecuria) [Jackson]

  • Turold, temp. Conq.
    • Beatrice
    • Ralph
      • 1 Simon
      • 3 Richard
      • 2 Jordan = Avicia, sister of Ranulph the Sheriff
        • Lettice = Ranulph de Newmarch
        • Ralph, founder of Wallingwells Priory
        • Mabel
        • Albreda =1 Robert St Quintin =2 Adam de Sancta Maria
        • Isabel = Robert Furnes

Jordan called Capriolecuria in a confirmation

See Thoroton Notts, Carlton-in-Lindrick

... Vis Lincs mentioned

For Poitevin see Hunter (Burghwallis site) and Farrer:EYC3

  • Robert le Poitevin de Burgh, abt 1200

Cawthorne, Silkstone, Hoylandswaine, Penistone, Hunshelf, Wortley, Clayton West, HoptonAilricAilricAdamSara, Cicely
Ingbirchworth, Cumberworth, SkelmanthorpeAilric
Denby Ailric parcel of Brierley
Brierley, Hiendley, Ryhill, Shafton, Carlton AilricAdamCicely
Lofthouse, Rothwell, Thorpe-on-the-Hill, etcAilric
Flockton, DaltonAilric
Lower Whitley Ailric
Kellingley, Whitley Ailric
Mirfield 1GerneberEnglishmanAdam
Mirfield 2HalfdanEnglishman
Mirfield 3?GamelEnglishman
Stainborough, Worsborough, Ardsley, Barnsley, Dodworth, Barugh, Darton, Kexbrough, High Hoyland
Monk Bretton Adam
Royston, Chevet, Woolley, Notton
Thurgoland, Oxspring


  •  ?Henry
    • Hugh fitz Henry, of Wentworth
      • William de Wentworth


Baildon on Lawrence Beaumont of the Oaks:

Tateshall, Driby, Bernake

Marlyn Lewis version:

  • Robert fitz Maldred, m Isabel de Neville
    • Geoffrey de Neville, m Joan de Monmouth
      • 2 Geoffrey de Neville, m Margaret de Longvillers
        • ... Nevilles of Hornby
      • Robert de Neville, m Ida de Ros
        • Robert de Neville, m Mary FitzRanulf-19, above
          • Ranulf de Neville, m Clavering
            • ... Nevilles of Raby

Everingham etc

  • Robert de Everingham, m Isabel, sis+h of Thomas de Birkin, of Birkin, Stainborough and Laxton
    • 3 Rev Robert
    • 2 Sir John, of Birkin
      • ... Everinghams of Birkin
    • 1 Adam
      • 3 John, of Stainborough
        • Adam, of Stainborough
          • ... Everinghams of Stainborough
      • 1 Robert
        • Adam, of Everingham and Laxton
          • Adam
            • 2 Reynold
            • 1 Sir William
              • Robert, dsp
              • 1 Joan
              • 2 Katherine
  • Sir William Everingham, dvp
    • Joan Everingham, co-heiress, took EverINGHAM, m1 Sir William Ellis MP, m2 Robert Waterton esq (d 1425)
      • Robert Ellis, dsp, heir to his mother on the death of her 2nd husband
      • Joan Ellis, m Sir John Poucher, of Drax
        • Joan Poucher, eventual heiress of her grandmother, m John Soothill
          • John Soothill, of Everingham
            • Barbara Soothill, m Marmaduke Constable
              • ... Constables
    • Katherine Everingham, co-heiress, took Laxton, m John Etton
      • Miles Etton
        • 4 daughters+coh incl
        • @@ m @@ Roos
          • ... Roos of Laxton

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