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Barron on Fitzwilliams:

Baildon on Fitzwilliams: text chart 1 chart 2

Maddison on Fitzwilliams:


Medlands:, Lisours, Lacy

Thoroton: Nottinghamshire, p37

Hodgson on Bertrams: Mitford

Hodgson on Bertrams:

See Hull pedigrees for Hugh FitzWilliam's


Harleian 16:

Find "filii Willielmi" Hampole charter as cited in EYC or Baildon

  • Ketilborn, 1135
    • Godric, b say 1110
      • William FitzGodric-5, b say 1140, d by 1194, m abt 1170 (4h) Aubrey de Lisours-1 1191
        • (4A) William FitzWilliam-196, b by 1173, 1217, d by 1226, m Maud, ?m (2h) Ela de Warenne
          • (5A) Sir Thomas FitzWilliam-238, b by 1205, 1253, d by 1284, m Agnes Bertram, dau of Roger Bertram, co-heir in her issue of Roger jr
            • Agnes [Hodgson, citing Surtees]
            • Denise FitzWilliam-156, m1, m2 Deiville
            •  ?Edmund fitz Thomas, 1294
            • 2 (6B) Roger fitz Thomas de la Woodhall, m Maud Bosville-25
              • John, m
                • ... Fitzwilliam of Woodhall
            • 1 (6A) Sir William fitz Thomas, 1284, d by 1294, m Agnes de Grey, of Codnor
              • (7A) Sir William FitzWilliam-241, 1294..1338, d by 1342, m1 Maud, m2 by 1324 Isabel Deincourt, d 1348, co-heir of his great-uncle Roger Bertram jr to Mitford Castle
                • Joan FitzWilliam-243, m Sir Brian de Thornhill-4 above
                •  ?WT Agnes, m Newmarch
                •  ?WT Margaret, m Pierrepont
                • 1 (8A) Sir William Fitzwilliam-67, dsp 1322
                • 2 (8B) ?Sir? John Fitzwilliam-63, d 1349, m Joan de Reresby
                  • (9A) Sir John Fitzwilliam-64, d 1383, m Elizabeth de Clinton
                    • .. Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough and Emley, continues below
                • 3 (8C) Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam-66, m Elizabeth Mablethorpe
                  • Thomas
                    • Thomas, m Aske
                      • Thomas FitzWilliam-289, m Dymoke
                        • Thomas
                          • Beatrice, m Woodruffe
                            • ... Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe

Rev Thomas (illeg): Will: TE3:271

Sir Richard: Will: TE3:249

Catherine, d 1477: Will: TE3:227 Said to be 2nd wife of Edmund d 1465

Disp 1491: TE3:356 Sir Thos Wortley, Eliz Fitzwilliam 3rd degree twice


Baildon on Lacy:

MedLands on Engaine: (not right)

... confused but shouldn't be

  • William de Clairfait, Constable of Tickhill, m1 Avice de Tanai, m2 Aubrey de Lisours-1 sp
    • Sibyl (by 1w), m Ralph de Tilli
      • Ralph de Tilli
      • Roger de Tilli


Name Birth Notes
(Chaworth-124) Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth 1418-00-00 to-do
Cremer-70, Anne 1645-00-00 to-do
FitzWilliam-334, John 1563-00-00 to-do
FitzWilliam-272, Roger 1220-00-00 to-do
Fitzwilliam-254, William 1417-00-00 to-do
Fitzwilliam-255, William 1440-00-00 to-do
(Fitzwilliam-258) Soothill, Margery 1495-00-00 to-do
Fitzwilliam-265, John 1685-00-00 to-do
Fitzwilliam-266, William 1719-00-00 to-do
Fitzwilliam-273, Charlotte 1746-00-00 to-do
Hyde-1720, Catherine to-do
Fitzwilliam, Jane (Perry) to-do
FitzWilliam, Joan (Reresby) 1300-00-00 to-do
Stringer-693, Anne to-do

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Good pedigree given by either Thoresby or Foster (Vis). See also Maddison.


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