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Confirmed nobility at Riddarhuset (Swedish House of Nobility) 1652-01-20 with the name Baggehufwudh and were introduced 1668-09-09 as Bagghufvud nr 755.

According to tradition, the family was originally a Norwegian noble family (Bagge) who arrived in Sweden 1565.

The earliest (certain) ancestor was knekthövitsmannen Hans Persson (from Stockholm) who lived in 1606 and owned Pungsund's manor in Gåsinge parish in Södermanland county. His son Nils had in turn four sons, Johan, Jakob, Samuel and Nils, ennobled Bagghufvud.

The Estonian house, descendants of the youngest brother Nils, was established at Estonia House of Nobility as Baggehufwudt No. 76 1752-04-07.. Descendants of this house are still alive in large numbers in Estonia and Russia. In Russia, the family uses von Baggo and von Bagowut.

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