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House of Hohenstaufen:

The House of Hohenstaufen, also known as the Swabian dynasty or the Staufer, was a dynasty of German monarchs in the High Middle Ages, reigning from 1138 to 1254. Three members of the dynasty were crowned Holy Roman Emperors. In 1194, the Hohenstaufens were granted the Kingdom of Sicily. The name Hohenstaufen (High-Staufen) for the Staufer was used in subsequent periods parallel with the name of the chiefly Prussian Hohenzollern dynasty.

The terms Hohenstaufen also identified the family's Hohenstaufen Castle in Swabia.

Person Profiles (3)

abt 1050 - bef 21 Jul 1105
abt 1090 - 06 Apr 1147 photo
26 Dec 1194 Jesi, Marca di Ancona, Regno d'Italia, Sacro Romano Impero - 13 Dec 1250 photo

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