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House of Holland

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The members of the house of Holland ruled over the area of west Frisia the area what is named later Holland in the Low Countries between circa 900 circa 1200. The first real count of Holland is Floris II. The difference between count of Holland and a count of the house of Holland is vague, but very easy to make every gouwcount before Floris II is a frisian gouwcount of the house of Holland. Floris II was the first one that did not call him self a frisian, but a Hollander.

The county Holland is created by Floris II around 1200 lasted until the 16th century.

The first count in Holland, Dirk I, was the son or foster-son of Gerolf, Count in Frisia (Dijkstra suggests that Dirk may have been the son of a sister of Gerolf and that his own father died while he was still an infant). He received land around Egmond from Charles the Fat at a place called Bladella (modern day Bladel near Eindhoven, The Netherlands) in 922. This is seen as the beginning of the counties in Holland. However, until about 1100, the names for the counties were Kennemerland, Texla, Maasland. The overall name is West-Frisia, but West-Frisia was never a countship (graafschap).

Note that the chronology of the first few counts is uncertain. The existence of a count between Dirk I and Dirk II was only recently suggested, since it is thought that the references to counts named Dirk between 896 and 988 refer to three, not two, different counts. This third Count Dirk is placed between Dirk I and II and numbered as Dirk I bis to avoid confusion with the already established numbering referring to the other counts of Holland named Dirk. The discussion if there are 3 or 2 counts Dirk or Durk is long and complicated. Be aware in English, Dutch and Frisian there are different versions.

  • Gerolf (r. 880 – 896)
  • Dirk I (r. 896 – 931)
  • Dirk I bis (r. 931 – 939), son of Dirk I
  • Dirk II (r. 939 – 988), son of Dirk I bis
  • Arnulf (r. 988 – 993), son of Dirk II
  • Dirk III Hierosolymita (r. 993 – 1039), son of Arnulf I
  • Dirk IV (r. 1039–1049), son of Dirk III
  • Floris I (r. 1049–1061), brother of Dirk IV
  • Gertrude of Saxony (regent), widow of Floris I
  • Robert the Frisian (regent), second husband of Gertrude
  • Godfrey the Hunchback, Duke of Lower Lorraine (regent)

Person Profiles (12)

abt 1030 Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bavaria - 03 Aug 1113 photo
abt 1355 Upholland, Lancashire, England - abt Jan 1400 photo
Vlaanderen, Heilige Roomse Rijk - abt 1085 photo
abt 0951 Gent, Graafschap Vlaanderen - 18 Sep 0993 photo
1056 Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands - 1094
abt 0928 Egmond Binnen, Noord Holland - 06 May 0988 photo
abt 0982 Gent, Graafschap Vlaanderen - abt 27 May 1039 photo
abt 04 Jan 1114 S Gravenhage, Zuid Holland, Netherlands - 05 Aug 1157 photo
abt 0875 Noordwijk-Binnen, Zuid-Holland, Nederland - 06 Oct 0939 photo
26 Jul 1080 Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands - 02 Mar 1121 photo
abt 1016 Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Nederland - 22 Jun 1061 photo
abt 1055 Netherlands - 17 Jun 1091 photo

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