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The house of La Rochefoucauld is one of the oldest and most famous families of the French nobility. Its most notable member is Duke François VI, author of the famous Maximes de La Rochefoucauld.

Its origins go back to the lors of La Roche, in the area of Augoulême (currently Charente) around the 10th and 11th centuries (official evidence of nobility in 1019). They adopted the more distinctive name of La Rochefoucauld in the 13th century.

Please note that the name is La Rochefoucauld, "La" being part of the name.

The House of La Rochefoucauld is still alive today with several branches:

  • Dukes of La Rochefoucauld, dukes of Liancourt
  • Dukes of La Roche-Guyon
  • Dukes of Estissac
  • Dukes of Doudeauville, Bisaccia and Estrées
  • Princes and Counts of La Rocheboucauld de Montbel
  • Family of La Rochefoucauld-Bayers (extinct since 1950).

This summary is extracted from the Wikipedia article Maison de La Rochefoucauld, which contains much more detail.

Person Profiles (6)

abt 15 Sep 1793 Paris, Seine, France - 02 Nov 1877
22 Jan 1796 Mello, Oise, France - 21 Apr 1856
26 Aug 1767 Paris, France - 02 Mar 1841 photo
27 Feb 1870 Paris VII, Seine, France - 15 Nov 1963
03 Dec 1824 Paris, Seine, France - 09 May 1911
06 Jul 1901 Paris VII, Seine, France - 13 Mar 1983

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