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The County of Montbéliard (French: Comté de Montbéliard; German: Grafschaft Mömpelgard), was a feudal county of the Holy Roman Empire based around the city of Montbéliard in the present-day Franche-Comté region of France. From 1444 onwards it was held by the House of Württemberg.

Counts of Bar - House of Montbéliard
Theodoric II (1093–1105) Reginald I (1105–1150) Reginald II (1150–1170) Henry I (1170–1189) Theobald I (1189–1214) Henry II (1214–1239) Theobald II (1239–1291) Henry III (1291–1302) Edward I (1302–1337) Henry IV (1337–1344) Edward II (1344–1352)

Dukes of Bar - House of Montbéliard
Robert (1352–1411) Edward III (1411–1415) Louis (1415–1431)

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