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After the extinction of the House of Stenkil and the ascension of Sverker I of Sweden in 1130, a civil war commenced. In the beginning, there were several pretenders, of whom Sverker I emerged as victorious, for a time. The antagonists in long run were finally the House of Sverker in Östergötland and the House of Eric in Västergötland and Uppland (Saint Eric was killed and buried in the latter province, others in the dynasty were buried in Varnhem Abbey in the former province as later also Birger Jarl was, a relative to the dynasty), which alternated on the throne for several generations, until in the 1220s the Eric dynasty got the upper hand, and the Sverker dynasty became extinct (at least in the male line).


Person Profiles (9)

abt 1164 - 1210 photo
1216 - 12 Feb 1250 photo
bef 1150 Scandinavia (Sweden) - bef 1197 photo
1096 Ostergotlands, Sweden - 25 Dec 1156 photo
1125 Sverige - 18 May 1160
1176 Eriksberg, Stockholm, Sverige - 10 Apr 1216 photo
1190 - abt 1251 photo
abt 1135 Sweden - 12 Apr 1167
abt 1154 Småland, Sweden - 1220

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