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This Category is to bring together profiles of "Huguenot" or "French Huguenot" Descendants beyond the grandchildren of a Huguenot emigrant, down to the Present. Anyone of Huguenot ancestry, including living members of WikiTree, may add this category to their profiles. For more information go to: Project:Huguenot_Migration - The Huguenot Migration Project on WikiTree or contact its Leader: Chet Snow.

Huguenots are defined here as French-speaking Protestant Christians, alive between 1540-1790. Many of them were forced to leave their French or French-borderland homes due to religious persecution, notably during the reign of Roman Catholic French King Louis XIV (1648-1715).

Descendants of Protestant Christian Huguenots who did not emigrate but who remained in their French or borderland homes until 1790 when the French Revolution's "Rights of Man & Citizen" declared all religions to be legal are also considered "Huguenot Descendants" and belong in this Category.

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