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This category contains individuals who may never have existed. Profiles here have the {{Uncertain Existence|Iceland}} Research Note Box with Iceland added to it
  • One-time mistakes: If a profile is the result of a one-time mistake, it should simply be merged into the approriate profile. However, if the profile represents an error widely repeated, it is good to retain the profile so that it is not re-created by another well-meaning person.
  • Profiles that are commonly-made errors: If the profile is simply an often-repeated error, carelessly propagated from genealogy to genealogy, the profile itself should provide the needed documentation. It will be found in web searches, and will show up as a match if someone tries to create a new copy on Wikitree. Tag it with the "Uncertain Existence" category and at the very top of the profile document why this profile is erroneous. Be clear and unambiguous. You may want to start with a Bolded and Centered Warning.
  • Complex legends, fabrications, and frauds: If the profile is part of or expresses a complex legend or fraud, it is good to create a free-space sub-category describing how the legend or fraud came to be, and linking it to all the profiles, even those of real people that are affected. See Category: Frauds and Fabrications for examples.

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