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Illustration dates back to the ancient practice of wood-block cutting, in which a design was drawn directly on a block of wood, and then the white space of the intended print was meticulously cut away, thus destroying the original drawing. From the American Civil War, it became possible to transfer a paper drawing photographically to the wood block, where the engraver's skill was still equal to the artist's, and both would sign the work.

In modern times, illustration became a paid skill for mass-produced commercial publications, primarily periodicals. From the early 1880s, the invention of line or half-tone mechanical photoengraving greatly expanded the field for illustrators. By 1900, leading periodicals such as Harper's, Century, and McClure's, were able to reproduce good quality halftone reproductions, and so began to make lavish use of illustrations.

Here are profile pages for famous illustrators. Some of the profiles feature high-quality scans of their drawings which can be sent as free art e-cards. Simply click a "send as e-card" link beneath an illustration or image.


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  • Jan Luyken abt 16 Apr 1649 Amsterdam, Koninkrijk der Nederlanden - abt 5 Apr 1712






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