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Note: I added this category to assist in a One Place Study of Martinique du nord. It includes the communes around the base of Mont Pelée, prior to the eruption of 1902. The goal of my study is to add as many individuals from these communes as I can document, and to link them into the world family tree. I would also like to present as much as I can about the history, from the time of the indigenous people to the eruption of Pelée. I want this to be a resource for genealogists studying this region. Although the civil and parrish records have been scanned online, no one, as far as I know, is creating a digital index. I hope to fill that void. I could use help on this project from native French speakers (I am not), and others interested in Martinique. –Duane Poncy

Note: Although the Kalina-go people in Martinique were officially "wiped out" according to the history books, individual Caraïbes, as they were called, continued to be recorded in the record books until the end of the eighteenth century.

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abt 1732 - 19 Feb 1766

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