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Needs categories are convenient to-do lists for members of projects, or those with special interestes, for profiles in need of a specific action/task.These categories can be applied through a project box, but may also be assigned to profiles manually, especially for geographical areas and localities. For more information, see Help:Project Needs.

Person Profiles (5)

1799 Ponorogo, East Java - 1862
abt 1800 East Java Indonesia - abt 1850
10 Apr 1864 Salatiga, Salatiga, Jawa Tengah, Indonesiƫ - 17 Feb 1946 photo
abt 1840 Tegalsari, Ponorogo, Jateng (East Java) Hindia Belanda - 28 Jul 1902
abt 1760 West Sumatera, Indonesia - abt 1800

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