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How to research Swedish soldiers Military records

  1. check General Muster Rolls
  2. check soldier register
  3. check at Krigsarkivet
    1. Torpsynsprotokoll exempel pdf, SR
    2. Pension documents also avalaible at Arkiv Digital scanned - Krigskollegium Krigsmanshuskontoret
    3. Soldier contracts
Having a soldier in the family tree in Sweden is good as that is a profession that in the Swedish society is well documented. Soldiers, priests and some other professions like blacksmiths are all well documented. There are special books like Soldatforska Lars Ericsson Wolke (eng. researching soldiers) that are good tutorials on how to proceed. You also have in Stockholm Krigsarkivet (eng. Military archive wiki)
Having a soldier in the family tree in Sweden can also be a problem, because soldiers were assigned new names when they enrolled, so it may not be easy to track them back to their parents.

More information

  1. Släktband om krigsarkivet - (swe.)
  2. Hitta i Krigsarkivets bestånd
  3. Pension soldiers - Gratialisten (eng)
  4. Soldatforskning i generalmönsterrullor – exemplet Jan Fräs
  5. Soldatforskning
  6. Centrala Soldatregistret
  7. Länkar soldatforskning
  8. Soldatregistret Uppland
  9. Soldater och dragoner i socknarna Håtuna och Håbo-Tibble i Upplands-Bro kommun
  10. Soldier contracts - a contract written what the soldier should get and how long he should be in duty - a copy of them can be available in Krigsarkivet (eng. Military archive wiki)
  11. Soldierhouse (swe. soldattorp) was the most important part of the contract. When he was dismissed or died they had to leave the house. The house was documented in a syneprotokoll. A document written when the owner of the house was changed[22] and the farmers, soldier was present when this document was created. Those documents can be available in the Krigsarkiv (eng. Military archive wiki) or Landsarkiv.

Gratial or pension - A soldier who has been in duty more than 30 years got gratial if he had done a good work and was not punished. Normally a soldier needed to earn some extra money to survive. Information about gratialist can probably be found at Krigsarkivet: Vadstena krigsmanshuskassa or scanned at Arkiv Digital

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