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The ancestors of the O'Neills were Kings of Ailech during the Early Middle Ages. They take their name Ó Néill from Niall Glúndub mac Áeda, a 10th-century king of Ailech and one of the High Kings of Ireland

The Irish Gaelic Ó Néill dynasties form the most prominent family groups among the Northern Uí Néill of north west Ireland; claiming descent from Niall Noigiallach Eochaid, more popularly known as "Niall of the Nine Hostages" who was a legendary 5th century King of Tara. Niall's son, Eógan mac Néill was the founding father of the Cenél nEógain, the people of the kingdom of Tír Eoghain

Cenél Conaill and Cenél nEógain - Kingdoms of the Northern Ui Neill, 12th century

From 1185 until 1616, the O'Neills were the sovereign Kings of Tír Eoghain, with strongholds in County Tyrone, County Derry and County Antrim.

Eoghan Mór O'Neill (Owen the Great), King of Tír Eoghan (Tyrone) from 1432 to 1456 had four sons, each the progenitor of an independent line of descent -

Éinri Mac Eoghain O'Neill (Henry) was King of Tyrone from 1455 to 1489; and the grandfather of Conn Bacach.
Aodh O'Neill, ancestor of the line of the Fews.
Art O'Neill was King of Tyrone 1509–1514; ancestor of The Slight-Arte O'Neills; his grandson was Turlough Luineach O'Neill

The Slight-Arte O'Neills (of the Sept of Art) is a branch of the Tyrone O'Neills which began in the mid 15th century as descendants of Art O'Neill, son of Eoghan Mór O'Neill

The O'Neills of Clanaboy; the Ó Néill Cloinne Aodha Buidhe; - Aodh Buidhe O'Neill was the founder of this branch of the Ó Néills. He was a son of Donal Oge Ó Néill, grandson of Aodh Méith O'Neill (Hugh the Fat), and great-gransdon of Aodh an Macaoimh Tóinleasg O'Neill; kings of Cenél nEógain of the Northern Uí Néill.

The O'Neills of Shane's Castle are a distinct family group within the O'Neills of Clanaboy. The name of the castle at Eden-duff-carrick (built 1345) was changed to Shane’s Castle by Shane MacBrien O'Neill in 1722.

The O'Neills of the Fews in County Armagh are related to the O'Neill of Tyrone through King Eoghan Mor O'Neill, circa 1432–1436. The king's younger son Aodh O'Neill conquered the various independent lordships of the Fews and established an independent chieftainship under his father and then brother.

The MacShane O'Neills are related to the Tyrone O'Neills, and are descendants of Seán O'Neill (Shane O'Neill) Prince of Tyrone and chief of all the O'Neill clans. His sons were fostered in the courts of various maternal relatives, and with the support of the Chief of the MacLean in the Scottish Western Isles, were able to consolidate a sphere of control in eastern Ulster, allied with the MacDonald's of Antrim.

The Caribbean O'Neills several branches of the O'Neills became established in the New World in the 17th & 18th centuries; particularly in Puerto Rico, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Vieques and Martinique

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