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Container Category. This category is intended to contain subcategories that group profiles based on the Irish County nominated as their 'Native Place'. Individual profiles should be categorized under the relevant landing-level categories (refer to topic guidelines).

NB. Some profiles may end up here temporarily if:

  • the 'Native Place' is unknown or in dispute
  • the location parameter of the {{Earl Grey}} sticker has been omitted or incorrectly applied

These will eventually be moved once the most appropriate subcategory is determined.

Subcategories (32)

Person Profiles (9)

abt 1832 Newry, County Armagh, Ireland - 05 Dec 1863
abt 1836 Ireland - 19 Dec 1880
abt 1833 Dublin, County Dublin, Éire - 15 Oct 1920
abt 1832 Ireland - 25 Sep 1895 photo
14 Aug 1833 Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland - 24 Dec 1906
abt 1832 Ireland - 1905
abt 1832 Tipperary, Ireland - 1920
1833 Ireland - 24 Aug 1921
1832 Ireland - 16 Dec 1902

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