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A jackaroo is a young man (feminine equivalent 'jillaroo' coined during the Second World War) working on a sheep or cattle station, to gain practical experience in the skills needed to become an owner, overseer, manager, etc. The word, jackaroo, originated in Queensland, Australia in the 19th century and is still in use in Australia and New Zealand in the 21st century. Jillaroo, was coined during the Second World War as young women moved onto the land to work in place of the men called up for military duties. The terms are firmly rooted in Australian English, Australian culture and in the traditions of the Australian stockmen and stockwomen.

Person Profiles (10)

04 May 1886 St Leonards, New South Wales (Australia) - 30 Apr 1975
1898 Crowton, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom - 09 Jun 1917 photo
09 May 1900 Queensland, Australia - 19 Nov 1974
Living Evans
05 Dec 1895 Caulfield, Victoria, Australia - 27 Sep 1975
07 Jan 1895 Launceston, Tasmania (Australia) - 06 Apr 1974 photo
1914 Carcoar, New South Wales, Australia
31 Dec 1889 Creswick, Victoria, Australia - 25 Dec 1976 photo
22 Jul 1916 Waverley, New South Wales, Australia - 29 Nov 1942 photo
20 Mar 1923 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - 07 Oct 1944

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