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This Category represents the Peerage created by the Jacobite Kings after they abdicated the thrones of England and Scotland in 1689. It was never recognised as part of the British Peerage although it received recognition amongst the Catholic nations of Europe.

After the deposition by the English parliament in February 1689 of King James II and VII from the thrones of England and Ireland (the Scottish Estates followed suit on 11 April 1689), he and his successors continued to create peers and baronets, which they believed was their right. These titles are not recognised in British law, but the titles were used in Jacobite circles on Continental Europe and recognised by France, Spain and the Papacy.

Although there was some conjecture regarding the status of seven Irish and one Scottish recipients, all the Peerages granted are now extinct or superseded by a more valid grant.

  • The Jacobite Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage and Grants of Honour: Extracted, by Permission from the Stuart Papers Now in Possession of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle, and Supplemented by Biographical and Genealogical Notes by the Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval, Edinburgh, London, T. C. & E. C. Jack, 1904.
  • Complete Baronetage; Cokayne, George Edward; Exeter, 1900. Volume 5 covers the Baronetage of Great Britain and Ireland, 1707-1800, and also the Jacobite baronetage, 1688-1788.

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