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The Jewish insurgency in Palestine refers to violent events that occurred between 1944/1945 and 1947 in Mandatory Palestine. The tensions between Jewish militant underground organizations and the British mandatory authorities rose since 1938 and intensified with the publication of the MacDonald White Paper of 1939, lasting until the State of Israel in 1948, when the British government policy of limiting Jewish immigration to Mandate Palestine led to conflict between the British Empire and Zionist organizations in Mandatory Palestine, some of which resorted to armed revolt. The main period of the armed conflict took place from the final phase of the World War II, when Irgun declared insurgency campaign upon the British official institutions, lasting until the UN partition plan, on November 29, 1947, after which the civil war between Palestinian Jews and Arabs eclipsed the previous tensions with the British.

Within Britain there were deep divisions over Palestine policy. The conflict led to heightened antisemitism in the UK and, in August 1947, to widespread anti-Jewish rioting across the UK. The conflict undermined Britain's relationship with the United States. [1]

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