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See: Johan van Oldenbarnevelt free-space profile Twin-screw, Motorship, 20,314 G.R.T, Speed: 16 knots, Length:609 ft., Breadth:74'9", Height:65'7".

The 'JVO', the Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, was originally the largest ship ever constructed in Holland when launched in 1929. She was built as a passeneger vessel for the Holland-Indonesia mail run. During W.W.II she became a troopship. Following the war, the JVO briefly returned to the Holland-Indonesia mail run. In 1951, after being refitted, she started her migrant-trips to Australia. Reconditioned and converted early in 1959, the 'JVO' became a "One Class" vessel, running on a regular "Round-the-World" service. The itinerary was normally: Amsterdam, Southampton, Port Said, Aden, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, and thence to Papeete (Tahiti), the Panama Canal, Port Everglades near Miami, Bermuda, Southampton, Amsterdam, the whole round-trip taking about 78 days.

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