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In 1889 John Warburton Womack provided a biography claiming descent from two bishops of the Church of England through Edward Womack, a fictitious son of Lawrence Womack (1612-1685 O.S.), a Rector in the Church of England and in 1683 consecrated Bishop of the Church in Wales Diocese of St Davids; died in office 12 March 1686 (Old Style 1685). This biography was disproven in the early 1900s but continues to be used by Womack family historians to this day.

This category is a location to identify the profiles of people whose biographies or family histories have been affected by the fraudulent John Warburton Womack Ancestry. "Affected" is the operative word -- listing in this category does NOT mean that the profile itself is fraudulent; hopefully it is listed because the [fraud or fabrication] has been identified and corrected.

Person Profiles (3)

abt 1597 England
1575 Kent, England - abt 1620
abt 1620 Wragby, Lincolnshire, England - bef Oct 1677 photo

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