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The first monthly meeting of Friends which was to become Newark[1] was held at the Widow Welsh's in New Castle in 1686. It became part of Chester [Concord] Quarterly Meeting in 1693. The monthly meeting was transferred to Western Quarterly Meeting in 1758. In 1760, its name was changed to "Kennett". At the time of the Hicksite Separation of 1827, the monthly meeting split into Hicksite and Orthodox branches.

Kennett Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) was discontinued in 1939, and most of its members were transferred to New Garden Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) in West Grove, Pa.

Kennett Monthly Meeting (Hicksite), which reunited with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Orthodox) in 1955, was the forerunner of the current Kennett Monthly Meeting.[2]

  1. see the category page for Newark Monthly Meeting for information on Newark MM
  2. RECORDS OF KENNETT MONTHLY MEETING A Finding Aid for its Meeting Records Deposited in Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College and Haverford College Quaker Collection

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  • Aaron Mendenhall 20 Feb 1760 Kennett Township, Chester, Pennsylvania - 11 Sep 1827

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