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Timeframe:(1991 - Present)
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Kharkiv Oblast (Ukrainian: Харківська область, translit. Charkivśka oblast; also referred to as Kharkiv Oblast – Ukrainian: Харківщина, Charkivščyna, Russian: Харьковская область) is an oblast (province) in eastern Ukraine. [1] During the Soviet administrative reform of 1923–1929, in 1925, the Kharkov Governorate was abolished leaving its five okruhas: Okhtyrka (originally Bohodukhiv), Izyum, Kupyansk, Sumy, and Kharkiv. Introduced in the Soviet Union in 1923, a similar subdivisions existed in Ukraine back in 1918. In 1930 all okruhas were also abolished with raions becoming the first level of subdivision of Ukraine until 1932. The modern Kharkiv Oblast was established on 27 February 1932.

  • -1917: Russian Empire Kharkov Governorate, Poltava Governorate
  • 1917-1920: Ukrainian People's Republic
  • 1922-1941: USSR:
  • 1941-1944: Nazi Germany Occupation (Reichskomissariat Ukraine)
  • 1945-1991: USSR

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