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Kingdom of Glywysing
Glywysing was, from the sub-Roman period to the Early Middle Ages, a petty kingdom in south-east Wales. Its people were descended from the Iron Age tribe of the Silures.

According to 12th-century sources, after the death of Glywys, the kingdom was divided into seven cantrefs (roughly equivalent to the English Hundred) named for his sons: Cydweli, Gwyr, Margam, Penychen, Gwynllwg, Gorfynydd, and another. These were typically ruled together by the head of the family and sometimes treated as appenage subkingdoms.

In the mid 10th century, the kingdom merged with Gwent and changed its name to Morgannwg or Gwlad Morgan. Glywysing seems to have been a sub-kingdom or principality of the Kingdom of Morgannwg, along with Gwent.

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abt 1000 Wales - abt 1070
abt 0755 Dyfed, Carmarthenshire, Wales
0870 Gwent, Glywysing, Glamorgan, Wales - 0930

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