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The Kingdom of Hungary was a multilingual, multiethnic country in Central Europe including the present-day Hungary, Slovakia, Transylvania (now part of Romania), Carpathian Ruthenia (now part of Ukraine), Vojvodina (now part of Serbia), Burgenland (now part of Austria), and other smaller territories surrounding present-day Hungary's borders. After 1102 the King of Hungary is also the King of Croatia through personal union.

The kingdom was founded by Stephen (the Saint) I of Hungary, and it existed continuously until 1918, from 1867 as part of the Austo-Hungarian Empire.

After the First World War, a two-year period of unrest and multiple governments from seperated the traditional monarchy and the Regency period. The Kingdom of Hungary during the Regency Period existed from 1920 to 1946. On 6 November 1921 the Diet of Hungary passed a law nullifying the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713, dethroning Charles IV and abolishing the House of Habsburg's rights to the throne of Hungary. Hungary was a kingdom without royalty. With civil unrest too great to select a new king, it was decided to confirm Horthy as Regent of Hungary. He remained in that powerful president-like status until overthrown in 1944. On 21 December 1944, a Hungarian "Interim Assembly" met in Debrecen, with the approval of the Soviet Union. This assembly elected an interim counter-government headed by Béla Miklós, the former commander of the Hungarian First Army. At the end of March 1945, Szálasi's regime was driven out of Hungary. Under Soviet occupation, the fate of the Kingdom of Hungary was already determined. A High National Council was appointed as the country's collective Head of State until the monarchy was formally dissolved on 1 February 1946. The Regency was replaced by the Second Hungarian Republic. It was quickly followed by the creation of the Hungarian People's Republic.

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