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Rex Britannorum

This category is intended to provide a convenient grouping that refers to the most powerful ruler among the Celtic Britons, both before and after the period of Roman Britain (c. 1BCE) and up until the Norman conquest of Wales. The Britons were the Brittonic-speaking peoples of what is now England, Wales, Cumbria and the Hen Ogledd in southern Scotland, whose ethnic identity is today maintained by the Welsh, Cornish and Bretons.

The title of King of the Britons varied during the time of its existence. Although the details are sketchy it appears to have been an elected position, generally the chief (King) of the strongest tribe. The first recording of the title appears in Roman texts where the title was held by the Trinovantes tribe. The first person (after 1 BCE) recorded as holding this title was Dumnovellaunos, of the Trinovantes, a son of Addedomaros (or Addedumaros), recorded, by the Romans, in 5 AD by that title.

After the 2nd Roman Invasion and during the conflicts and revolts of c. 60 AD these eastern tribes were all but destroyed and the mantle was taken up by the western tribes, initially amongst the Silures.

After the Roman period the title was often found amongst the Welsh (Cymry) tribes, as the last surviving tribes of the Ancient Britons.

It is intended as a supplement to other more complete lists of rulers of the divisions of Wales such as Powys, Deheubarth, Gwynedd, etc. This category uses the Wikipedia article, King of the Britons, although noting it is not always correct.

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0883 Aberffro, Anglesey, Wales - abt 0942
abt 0945 Kingdom of Deheubarth, Wales - 0999
abt 0600 Kingdom of Gwynedd - 0634
1354 Rhiwabon, Maelor Gymraeg,Denbighshire, Wales - 1416 photo
1078 Nant Gwynant, Arllechwedd, Gwynedd, Wales - 23 Nov 1170
abt 0395 - abt 0459 photo

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abt 0795 Kingdom of Gwynedd - 0844
1173 Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Gwynedd - 11 Apr 1240 photo
abt 0720 Kingdom of Gwynedd, Wales - 0754
abt 1010 Rhuddlan, Kingdom of Powys, Wales - 05 Aug 1063
abt 0820 Wales - abt 0878

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abt 0420 Sub-Roman Britain - abt 0470


abt 0040 England - 0125 photo


abt 0880 Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthshire, Wales - 0950 photo


abt 0500 - abt 0589


0857 Caer Seiont, Caernarfonshire, Wales - abt 0915

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