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The males listed below with variant surnames belong to the same direct paternal line (as confirmed by Y-DNA matching). Many thanks to Paul Kingsman and Colin Kingsman of the Wiltshire Kingsman Group and David Kinsman and Robert Kinsman of the USA Kinsman groups who provided their DNA and made finding this link possible.

Paul and Colin's line is confidently traced to Robert Kingsman who lived in Overton, Wiltshire, England in the early 1500s.

David and Robert's lines in America trace back to Robert Kinsman who emigrated to America in 1634. His ancestral line continues in Highworth, Wiltshire (about 20 miles from Overton) to Edward Kinsman, born in Wiltshire about 1500.

This DNA evidence has now firmly linked these two lines of Kingsman and Kinsman.

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Person Profiles (2)

abt 1530 Wiltshire, England - 1593
abt 1589 Highworth, Wiltshire, England - 28 Jan 1665

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