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Name: Kirtland Name Study
Variations:Kertland, Kirtlan
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This is the companion category for the Kirtland Name Study and includes other spelling variations. To add this category to a profile, you can add the One Name Study template (which will add the category automatically).

This profile is part of the Kirtland Name Study.

{{One Name Study|name=Kirtland}}

results in:

If you have a Kirtland, Kirtlan, Kertland, etc. profile to include in the study and don't want to figure out more specific categories, add it to this category using the One Name Study template or the category [[Category: Kirtland Name Study]] above the Biography header.

Someone from the project team will occasionally go through the profiles in this category and move them to the appropriate subcategories.

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16 Jan 1917 Kaitaia, Northland, New Zealand - 21 Mar 2003

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