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Name: L'Ardoise, Île Royale, Acadie
Timeframe:(1713 - 1763)
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Timeline:Previous / L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia Colony
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L'Ardoise was founded in about 1713 in Île Royale. It was succeeded by L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia Colony in 1763

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1737 L'Ardoise, Île-Royale, Acadia, New France - 11 Jul 1831
18 Feb 1761 L'Ardoise, Ile Royale, Acadie, Nouvelle-France - 20 Apr 1848
1755 L'Ardoise, Isle Royale, Acadie, Nouvelle-France - bef 1849
abt 1734 Port-Toulouse, Île Royale, Acadie, Nouvelle-France
03 Jun 1763 L'Ardoise, Île-Royale, Acadia, New France - 11 May 1847
abt 1739 Port Toulouse, Ile-Royale, Acadie, Nouvelle-France - bef 1823

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