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Disputed Existence
All profiles of legendary persons should be badged with {{Uncertain Existence}} indicating that their existence as real persons is disputed. To be placed in the legends category, however, the profile needs to contain narrative presenting the legend and explaining why the person is a legend.

A legend on WikiTree is a story which cannot be verified with facts, and which involves one or more profiles of persons who certainly -- or almost certainly -- never existed.

It is the story which distinguishes a legend from a mere error. Erroneous profiles need to be merged into the closest correct profile so that they disappear from WikiTree. Legends, however, are attractive stories and appear to include desirable ancestors. They appear frequently in written and digital literature, and if merely deleted from WikiTree are likely to reappear. Therefore it is important to retain the legendary profiles on WikiTree so that they are not re-added, and to have a narrative describing why they are legends.

Links to other Profiles
Because persons who never existed cannot have actual parents, siblings, spouses, or children, profiles of legendary persons should not be linked to other profiles on WikiTree. Keeping legendary persons unlinked from other profiles also prevents them from appearing in the family trees of persons who are researching their own ancestry.

Cross links to other persons associated with the legendary person can be placed in the narrative or in a separate subcategory describing the legend.

Links to Category
In a "simple" legend, all the pertinent details and cross-links can be contained on the profile of the legendary person, and that profile can be linked directly to this category. In a "complex" legend, it can be helpful to create a subcategory to detail the legend and identify the fictional (and sometimes also the reaal) people associated with it. For ease of indexing the subcategory should end with the word "Legend", not begin with it, i.e. King Arthur Legend, Katherine Brent Legend. When there is a subcategory for the legend, it is the subcategory that should be linked to this category.

Closely related to legends are frauds. While legends should be listed by the subject of the legend, e.g., King Arthur, frauds should be listed by the perpetrator of the fraud, e.g., Gustave Anjou. See Category: Gustave Anjou Fraud in Category: Frauds and Fabrications.

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abt 335 Bretagne, France photo


1638 Hawkshead, Lancashire, England - 1706
abt 1609


abt 120 Útgarðr, Jǫtunheimar
120 Útgarðr, Jǫtunheimar
abt 120 Útgarðr, Jǫtunheimar
abt 480 Scandinavia (Denmark) - 548


bef 1300
483 Jutland, Denmark - 572
1628 - 08 Oct 1686
abt 01 Jun 1609 Wardour, Wiltshire, England - 04 Sep 1659


140 Scandinavia

K cont.

100 Útgarðr, Jǫtunheimar


1596 Attleborough, Norfolk, England - 1651
1595 England - 04 Jun 1678


1312 Morlaix, Bretagne, France - 1384


abt 1577 Connaught Bridge, County Kildare, Ireland
1602 Connaught Bridge, County Kildare, Ireland photo
abt 1601 Milburn, Westmorland, England - abt 1665


abt 1590 British Isles photo


1606 Wherwell, Hampshire, England - 22 Feb 1687
abt 1627 Baintree, Essex, , England - 27 Jul 1646
23 Nov 1877 Leeds, Missouri, USA - 05 Nov 1951 photo
1567 Attleborough, Norfolk, England - 1599

S cont.

1550 Attenborough, Norfolk, England - 1623


100 Trymheim, Jotunheim


abt 100 Útgarðr, Jǫtunheimar
abt 800 Scandinavia
abt 100 Vanaheim
100 Trymheim, Jotunheim


abt 200 Scandinavia (Norway)

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