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According to Behind the Name: The Etymology and History of Surnames, the name Lloyd "is an ancient surname that originates from Wales. The first bearers of the name Lloyd were thought to have originated in Mid Wales around the early 1300s. There is record of a Richard Loyt dating back to 1327, and an Ithell Lloyd in 1391. Lloyd is a nickname from the Welsh word llwyd, meaning 'grey' or 'hoary'." The Wikipedia entry for the surname provides the additional information that ll "represents the voiceless alveolar lateral fricative of Welsh, and was sometimes also represented as fl, yielding the related name Floyd." The Internet Surname Database states that the name can be considered to be both Old Welsh and Medieval English and provides a brief overview of early mentions of the name. (Source: Text I wrote March 25, 2011 for the Lloyd surname page on

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