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sv. Lokeldare or eldare eng. fireman working at the railway on trains shoveling coal

eng. Fireman job title for someone whose job is to tend the fire for the running of a steam engine. The job was on the engine driver's request, carry out all the work that would be done to get the locomotive in order before deployment. The work that could be done was, maintenance of the boiler, ingestion of water, refilling of coal, cleaning and lubrication, trimming of lamps, etc.
During the time that the locomotive was running would foireman ensure that the correct amount of coal all the time was in the firebox. It was important that the fireman had knowledge of the track to at the right time to fill up with carbon, for example, the uphills.

Person Profiles (5)

20 Mar 1867 Eksjö (F) - 08 Mar 1930
03 Nov 1879 Alunda, Uppsala, Sverige - 09 Jul 1959
31 Mar 1893 Mockeltorp Sörgård, Halna, Skaraborg, Sverige
23 Dec 1895 Kila, Västmanland, Sweden - 10 Oct 1961 photo
30 Apr 1897 Tobacka, Vännäs, Västerbotten, Sverige

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