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This category covers the period from when Galloway was absorbed into the Kingdom of Scotland, roughly from 1124, under Fergus. Prior to this time the region was held as a small Kingdom, the last bastion of the Pictish Brythonic-speaking parts in Scotland, descended from the Novantae recorded by Agricola. The people, called Galwegians, fought, almost continuously, with the Irish from the west and north and later the Norsemen. The lands were split, from their cousins in Wales, by the Saxon and Viking invasions through Northumbria.
For more information, see the Lord of Galloway page and the Scottish History page.

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abt 1078 Scotland - 12 May 1161
abt 1164 Scotland - 19 Dec 1200 photo
1120 Ayrshire, Scotland - 22 Sep 1174

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