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The post of Lord High Treasurer or Lord Treasurer was an English government position that has been existence since 1126. A holder of the post would be the third-highest-ranked Great Officer of State, below the Lord High Steward and the Lord High Chancellor. During the reign of the Stuart dynasty, the Lord High Treasurer was often considered the most important official of the government. The office was often held in commission, with the lords numbered with the First Lord being.the most important.

The First Lord of the Treasury was considered a de facto Prime Minister, but historians generally regard Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford, KG, PC (26 August 1676 – 18 March 1745), as the first prime minister of Great Britain. Walpole's tenure as "Prime Minister" is often dated to his appointment as First Lord of the Treasury in 1721.

This category should be used when the post is held in commission, and should mirror the List of Lord High Treasurers of England and Great Britain.

Note I'm going to request this category be renamed Lords Commissioners of the Treasury

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