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Name: Lublin Governorate, Congress Poland, Russian Empire
(also known as Gubernia łomżyńska or Ломжская губерния)
Timeframe:(1815 - 1918)
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  • Wikipedia article on Lublin Governorate
  • Languages spoken in 1897: Polish, Ruthenian, Yiddish, Russian, German, Estonian
  • Uyezds (districts) of Lublin Governorate (1900):
    • Biłgorajski
    • Chełmski
    • Hrubieszowski
    • Janowski
    • Krasnystawski
    • Lubartowski
    • Lubelski
    • Puławski (from 1842: nowoaleksandryjski)
    • Tomaszowski
    • Zamojski

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