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Lynch Syndrome, or Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC), is an autosomal dominant genetic condition that is associated with a high risk of colon cancer as well as other cancers including endometrial, ovary, stomach, small intestine, hepatobiliary tract, upper urinary tract, brain, and skin. The increased risk for these cancers is due to inherited mutations that impair DNA mismatch repair.

Lynch Syndrome at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Person Profiles (5)

12 Mar 1902 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
06 Feb 1869 East Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA - 23 Apr 1917
10 Aug 1893 Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA - 27 Nov 1935 photo
29 Jul 1949 Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA - 19 Jul 2011 photo
27 May 1920 Everett, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States - 01 Nov 1968 photo

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