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A voyage of the Lyon, sailed 1630-1632.

Lyon, sailed June 22, 1632

"16 [September 1632], being the Lord's day.] In the evening Mr. Peirce, in the ship Lyon, arrived, and came to an anchor before Boston. He brought one hundred and twenty-three passengers, whereof fifty children, all in health; and || lost || not one person by the way, save his carpenter, who fell overboard as he was caulking a port. They had been twelve weeks aboard, and eight weeks from Land's End. He had five days of east wind and thick fog, so as he was forced to come, all that time, by the lead; and the first land he made was Cape Ann." *1

Alphabetical by family order:

  • Allis, Richard
  • Bartlett, Robert
    • (Possibly from Frampton, Dorsetshire, bound for Marblehead. Ref: Essex Antiq. 7/59 36 pg 33
    • or from Wiltshire, bound for Chelmsford, & Woburn. NEGR 40/195 36 pg 182)
    • Of Hartford, an original proprietor, had been of Cambridge, 1635, came probably on the "Lion." (Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America: With a Brief History of ..., By Henry Whittemore, pg 29)
  • Benjamin, John of Heathfield, Sussex and wife Abigail (From Haethfield, Sussex, bound for Cambridge and Watertown. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 171. Listed with a Richard Benjamin.
  • Brewer, Daniel, his wife Joanna and children Daniel, Anne and Joanna
  • Brewer, John of Sussex
  • Browne, John and wife Dorothy, children Mary, John, James and William (From Hawkedon, Suffolk, bound for Watertown. Ref: Bond 124. 36 pg 155
  • Carrington, Edward
  • Churchman, John (From Kennington, Kent, bound for Cambridge. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 80)
  • Clark, Nicholas (Clarke, from Nazing, Essex, bound for Cambridge. Ref: Banks Mss 36 pg 50) (Dup of Lyon 4)
  • Cogsworth, John of Halstead, Essex, wife Mary
  • Curtis, William of Nazing, Essex, his wife Sarah and children Thomas, Mary, John, and Philip
  • Elmore, Edward and wife, children Richard and Edward
  • Glover, Charles
  • Goodwin, William of Bocklng, Essex, his wife and child Elizabeth
  • Goodwin, Ozias of Bocklng, Essex, his wife and child William
  • Grant, Seth
  • Heath, William, wife Mary, children Issac, Mary, Anna (From Amwell, Little, Hertfordshire, bound for Roxbury as per 36 pg 66)(From Little Amwell, Hertfordshire, bound for Roxbury. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 66)
  • Holman, Edward of Clapham, Surrey
  • James, William (From Walthamstow, Essex, bound for Boston. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 53)
  • Lewis, William, wife Felix, and child William Lewis
  • Morrill Isaac of Hatfield Broadoak, Essex, his wife and children Sarah and Katherine
  • Olmstead, James of Fairstead, Essex, widowed, and children Nehemiah and Nicholas; nephews Richard and John, and niece Rebecca (From Fairstead, Essex, bound for Boston and Hartfoed, CT. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 46)(See Olney, 1992 for corrections to Banks)
  • Richards, Nathaniel and his wife
  • Roberts, Joseph
  • Shelley, Robert and wife Anne (From Nazing, Essex, bound for Boston. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 50)
  • Talcott, John of Braintree, Essex, wife Dorothy, children John, Mary
  • Totman, John
  • Ufford, Thomas of Newbourne, Suffolk, wife Isabel, children John and Isabel
  • Wade, Jonathan of Northampton and wife Susanna
  • Wadsworth, William of Braintree, Essex
  • Wadsworth, Mrs and children Sarah, William, Mary, John
  • Watson, John
  • Whipple, John of Bocking, Essex
  • White, John, wife Mary and children Nathaniel and Mary
  • Willett, Thomas of Yarmouth, Norfolk. Daughter Hester born 1647 4 pg 4
  • Witchfield, John of London and his wife (From St Mary, Whitechapel, London, bound for Dorchester and Windsor. Ref: Banks Mss 36 pg 101)

Charles Banks also lists:

  • John Coggeshall from Halstead, bound for Roxbury and Newport, RI, the 7xgreat-grandfather of Francis Herbert Brownell. 36 pg 47
  • Throckmorton, George and John, from Essex, bound for Boston, Salem and Providence RI. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 54

Lyon sources:

  • Passengers on the “Lion” From England to Boston, 1632, and Five Generations of Their Descendants, by Sandra Sutphin Olney, 1992
  • Conrad W. Terrill, Thomas Ufford, Emigrant Aboard the Lyon, 1632, August 2009,
  • 1 James Savage, The History of New England from 1630 to 1649 by John Winthrop, Esq. First Governour of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay. Three volumes. Originally published Boston, 1853. Reprinted for Clearfield Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; 1996. The quote was from volume 1, page 107.

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