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The Oxford English Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland describes MABLE as a variant of the surname MABLEY, the earliest known ocurrence of which is Rogerus filius Mabilie (1130 AD in the Pipe Rolls, Northamptonshire, England). The MABLEY surname is thought to be of Norman origin, possibly related to the Old French name Mabile. (See Space: Origins of the Mabile Surname.)

Early examples of the MABLE form include: Johanne filio Mable (in a 1379 AD poll tax for Leicestershire); John Mabyll (in 1430 AD patent rolls for Essex); and Nicholas Mable (in 1457-8 AD Nottingham Borough Records for Sneinton).

Y-DNA studies have shown that MAPLEY/MABLEY families of English origin are related to American MAPLE families. These families share a nearest common patrilineal ancestor who born roughly around 1400-1500 AD. The MAPLE/MAPLEY/MABLE/MABLEY Surname Project at Family Tree DNA ( ) is looking for MABLE males to participate in this study. If you would like to help find the origins of the MABLE surname, please contact Bruce Maple for more information. ( You can send a private message to Bruce by clicking here.)

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1813 Newton County, Georgia, United States - 03 Nov 1851
19 May 1823 England, United Kingdom
1847 England, United Kingdom
abt 1762 Scotland - 1834
abt 1840 Prussia
1804 Kirknewton, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom
18 Oct 1803 Perthshire, Scotland - 07 Jul 1885
1816 England, United Kingdom
1865 Russian Empire

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